Maximize the value of your 

patent portfolio in Brazil

Services defined by your requirements

Whether you are a start-up or multinational company, we are committed to providing a high-quality service. Our experts handle your case through the various stages of the Brazilian Patent system. We are convinced that the process of filing and prosecuting patents in Brazil does not need to be overly complicated. Our over-reaching goal is to maximize the value of your patent portfolio in Brazil.


& Risk Management

At GIP Brazil we identify patentable creations and help develop strategies to protect them. Thereafter, we assess all enforcement opportunities and the potential infringement risks. We have the resources to carry out prior searches, draft patent applications, conduct FTO analyses and monitor your competitor’s cases.

Patent Filing

& Prosecution

At GIP Brazil we review your patents before filing of a patent application to ensure they are correctly adapted to our local practice. We look for any possible fast-track procedures in Brazilian practice and conduct a thorough analysis to ensure that the patent will be granted. In sum, we carefully prepare and prosecute your application, ensuring maximum protection of your product and avoiding the pitfalls of the Brazilian Patent Office.

Expert Litigation


At GIP Brazil we have extensive experience acting as technical experts in patent lawsuits (including some of the most important cases in Brazil). If litigation is required, we brief and manage the work of specialist law firms based on your personal preferences and budget. Our relationships in Brazil, as well as our collaboration with United GIPs means that we are able offer global access to experienced IP litigation specialists.

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